Apply for Funding – Grants 2018-19

There is potential to secure funding for your organisation from Whitchurch Town Council.

In order to qualify for funding your request must:

  • Give benefit to all or some of the inhabitants of Whitchurch, and the size of grant should be commensurate with the benefit delivered.
  • Be submitted using the appropriate Grants Application Form
  • State the amount that your organisation requires
  • Provide costing details including projected timescales and where the remainder of the funding will be provided from

If you have answered yes to one or more of these proposals then please do not hesitate to contact the Council Office for more information Tel: 01948 665761.
EMail :

CLOSING DATE: 2nd March 2018
“Don’t delay – apply today!”

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Council will not normally fund the whole of a project
  2. Applicants will need to demonstrate how their activities or the particular project, for which financial support is being sought, will benefit the residents of Whitchurch.
  3. The Council may, where it is deemed appropriate, or more cost effective, prefer to act in partnership with another organisation, or provide support ‘in kind’, rather than grant assistance.
  4. As a condition of any grant received, the Council will require the organisation to advertise the fact that grant aid has been provided by the Town Council.

Forms available to download

Grant Application Form 2018-2019